Monday, September 15, 2008

The Pump: tell me all you know

I talked with a Medtronic Man today. I really really want to go on a pump. Does anyone know of any good sites for comparing different types of pumps and where to start with making these kinds of decisions?
I've been absent from this blog for a long time, I know. What can I say? My summer was incredibly hectic and I've also been plagued by a lack of Internet access due to a series of technological difficulties. But of course, I also have my own motivations holding me back. It is so tough to engage with my diabetes on an emotional level. Most days I just have to take care of the minutiae and don't have any room left over for pondering the long-term effects of this disease, or how to change up my routine and make improvements, etc. But I am willing to make a HUGE effort to make a pump work because so many of the problems I have may be eliminated by it--fatigue from frequent lows, overweight and nausea because of eating necessitated by said frequent lows, hormonal swings that are probably strongly tied to the extra weight which comes from the lows, an inability to normally enjoy meals because of this whole issue where I'm either starving or nauseous and unable to think about eating, and did I mention the exhaustion?

Anyway. I'm around. I'm thinking about things. I just have very little time/energy/emotional space to devote to this whole thing. I'm trying. Sorry for not being around.