Saturday, May 17, 2008

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

I'm still here. It's just that my internet's been total crap lately. I have had the internet MAYBE 5 minutes A DAY for the last two weeks. But it seems like it's better the last two or three days, so keep your fingers crossed and maybe I'll get some new posts up that don't just complain about my connection!

Also of note, my blood sugars have been crazy-low lately. One day I checked probably 13 times and had no number over 80. ALL DAY LONG! And then one morning after breakfast my blood sugar dropped to 37, which is not only crazy low but also a crazy time for my b.s. to drop, considering I usually have an after-breakfast spike.

And, I've been sick and I had my monthly visitor this last week, two events that generally raise blood sugars a little bit. So what gives? So far I have no real answers, but a few guesses, involving wacky hormones and T-Tapp.

Whatever it is, I've had to drastically decrease my daytime Lantus and of course my Humalog is down too, so here's hoping that a) that fixes my problem and b) my insulin requirements stay low. Yay for not having to take as much insulin!

Now I have to go to bed. That being-low-all-the-time thing really wears you out, ya know. G'night!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Random Question

Today I was thinking about an upcoming trip we have and all the little details I have to iron out about our flights...

And then I was thinking about the "liquid laws" airlines have in place now, and how I need to call the airline and just ask what exactly I should do with my insulin so that it's not awkward like it's been the last few times...

And then I realized I had a question for the Internets. So, Internets, what does a person with a pump do when going through the whole airport security scenario?

Yet another way changing to a pump might change the way your daily life flows. Hm. Food for thought: what other things will change and be either more difficult or less so that I haven't already thought about, assuming that someday in the next few years I get a pump?

Oh, and how the heck do young moms with pumps keep their kids from accidentally yanking the tubing out?