Monday, June 23, 2008

Even Weirder

Sometimes I feel like my blood sugar is low, and I test, and it's like 120. Then an hour later it drops suddenly to 45. Or I feel high, test, and it's 97, then an hour later it's 184. I guess that could be a relic of the fact that you're not always getting a reading that reflects what your blood sugar is right at that very moment.

But what's this? Today I have felt high ALL DAY LONG. And my meter has consistently said that my blood sugar was in the 90s, with two exceptions--once it was 116 and once it was 57. I did feel low when I was 57, but I also had some residual "highness" feelings. So what's going on? I've ruled out dehydration, which is usually the culprit if I feel a little high and I'm not. But I have that yucky heavy legs feeling I get when I'm high. I have to pee every five minutes but that's a result of making sure I'm hydrated, probably. I have a funny taste in my mouth. I just don't feel right.

All. Day. Long.


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Tammy Batson said...

sounds like high sugar to me ... maybe check your meter to see if it's working properly ... also ... for a more accurate reading ... get a bigger size drop of blood than necessary and hold it to the strip and do not remove your finger until it starts counting down a few seconds ... it works .. also ... sometimes if I have sinus issues that make it harder to breathe gives me a false sense of high sugar as well ... just my thoughts ... diabetic for 30 years this August ... I'm 38