Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I feel like poo today.

Over the past 24 hours, my blood sugar has been crazy high. It seems to want to stay high and so I have to take massive amounts of insulin to bring it down--and then by the time it works, I get low, and then I get a rebound high.

I am so exhausted. What is going on? A few weeks ago I had the same problem in reverse--I had to cut my insulin regime in half for a few days. And then it went back to normal and my dosages went back to normal and now, holy cow, what IS this? I feel like I've been run over by a truck, hourly.

Plus I'm worried. It's never good to hang out at 250-300. Makes me nervous and scared. And did I mention I feel like crap and even my thinking takes more time and effort? Ugh.

It's ONLY 210 right now and I've taken more insulin to bring it down from that...so I'm going off to try to sleep off this high-blood-sugar hangover and get in what rest I can in case I have more difficulties (high or low) in the middle of the night.

Anyone want to come babysit tomorrow so I can take a nap? PLEASE????

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Anonymous said...

This is one of those times when it seems like someone should step up and say, oh, yeah, that happens sometimes even when you usually have good control. I REALLY wonder if swings like this happen to people who have a n insulin pump. really, really wonder. But whom did we ever meet who knew anything about what is typical when managing diabetes that they actually told us in time for it to do any good whatsoever??? ugh and drat. another possibly unnecessary quandary. I will be praying for an answer that resolves this issue. love you sweetheart, mama