Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Guidelines for 2008

As we all know, New Year's Resolutions are famous for being left in the dust by the time February or March comes around.

So I'm trying guidelines this year. Wish me luck!

Category 1: Food and Eating
1. Pay attention to portion sizes.
2. Pay attention to feelings of hunger and fullness. Heed them!
3. Plan out weekly menus every Saturday, go grocery shopping every Sunday. Stick to it!
4. Find some great low blood sugar treatments that don't wreck my diet.
5. Don't eat anything I wouldn't feed my son. Or at least, don't eat it in front of him.

Category 2: Exercise and feeling good
1. Do yoga or stretching every day.
2. Walk at least 3 times a week, for at least 3o minutes, rain or shine. (Seem familiar? This is the tune I was singing right before Thanksgiving, and also right before the Month of Crazy. Didn't happen yet....but tomorrow is, as always, a brand new day.)
3. Meditate at least once a week. Maybe I can get Ben to take James out of the house every Saturday afternoon or something. Don't forget how much peace of mind this brings me!
4. Make time each week for writing just a little. Even if it's just blogging. Don't forget how good this makes me feel!

Category 3: Other diabetes-related
1. Log every day. Don't give up on it.
2. Find a good endo around here, call my new insurance, and actually go!
3. Take less insulin. Then check more. Constant vigilance!
4. Find some way to get a pump. At least look into it more.

Category 4: Organization and cleaning
1. Forget about it.

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Bernard said...

Hey Susana

Best of luck on these resolutions, and I hope you have a wonderful 2008!