Friday, January 4, 2008

Perfect Explanation

Just a light and fluffy post today. Wanted to share a really great piece of information about what diabetes is like.
When you click on it, scroll down to "The Airplane Analogy." This is about the best description I've seen of the daily uncertainties of living with diabetes, as well as a good picture of what it takes to achieve "good control."
You can read the earlier stuff as well if you'd like, the basic summary of Type I v. Type II diabetes, etc, but that is more standard stuff that I think you could find in a lot of places, whereas The Airplane Analogy is bright, shining perfection.
I don't know him, but thank you, Scott Hanselman, for sharing your moment of brilliant insight. And I hope my family and friends enjoy your analogy as much as I do.


Scott Hanselman said...

Thank you!

Donna said...

This was really good & explained type 1 very well. Thanks for sharing it.

in search of balance said...

I love that analogy.

I thing being concise is the most important thing in explaining diabetes, but I wish there was a way to factor in the effects of mood, hormones, and sleep in the analogy :)

Take care.

Susana la Banana said...

I completely is hard to EVER explain to "outsiders" how many different factors can affect our diabetes.
The other thing that I always wish I could explain to people is how exercise is NOT the same for a much planning I have to do to have a successful workout without crazy lows and rebound highs, and how I'll probably have to eat a snack before, after, and potentially during a workout to make that happen...which is not so effective for weight loss. Sigh.
And right now, with a young child, that sleep thing is really getting to me!
Thanks for the thoughtful comment. Cheers!