Thursday, January 17, 2008


I was taking my shot for dinner today when my son pointed at me and said, "shot."

We have been working lately on making sure that he knows that he can point at Mommy's medicine but NOT TOUCH IT. And, while explaining this, we apparently use the word "shot" a lot. And since he's in that 18-month-old learn-five-words-a-day phase, it makes sense that he picked it up so easily.

And, you know, he knows probably knows 75 signs, 15 or 20 spoken words, and...oh, several hundred animal noises. But I don't know. It still all feels like "first words" right now.

And I never thought "shot" might be one of my child's first words. Funny how diabetes can creep up on you and surprise you like that.


Donna said...

My kids knew a lot about diabetes at a young age, too. It's always been there with me. So they because accustomed to it early. Just think - James probably won't be so freaked out about medical stuff as much as other kids because he's been exposed to your diabetes. I guess that's kind of a positive way of thinking about it. You've got such a smart boy there. What a blessing!

Colleen said...

There are "worse" first words - I loved the day we walked home from a neighbor's and found the screen door locked - my 2 year old said, "sh**," loud enough for the neighbors to hear. Neighbors laughed, I was mortified.
But, I get your point, and yes, it's sad, but your son will be a better person for knowing about "shots."

Susana la Banana said...

Haha, Colleen...great story!
And Donna, thanks for always helping me look on the positive side.
Actually, it wasn't so much that I was sad about it, it just really gave me pause...because sometimes my diabetes is so "hidden" to me because I DON'T notice these things, it's interesting to see it all through my son's eyes.
I definitely think he'll be a better person for the least I hope so!