Sunday, November 11, 2007

50, 67, 182, 64

That is a list of my blood sugars from the last couple of hours.

No wonder I have trouble being comprehensible. Sometimes I'm surprised I can even type.

I don't mean to complain so much, really. But I was looking forward to writing some in-depth posts, especially about what my life was like as a pregnant Type I with an A1C of 4.9. Yes, you read that right, 4.9! I was so excited and had no one to share it with. More on that some other day...when my blood sugar doesn't leave me seeing stars.

In the meantime, thanks everyone for your comments. Another thing I'd like to explore on here is food diaries and counting calories and how people with diabetes lose weight. Ever since I got pregnant, I have had some extra pounds because I had such tight control (see:4.9!) and had to eat when I got lows, which was obviously somewhat frequent, even though they weren't necessarily major lows. But I just can't get that weight off! And I don't think I overindulge, but I have to find a way to compensate for when I HAVE to eat because I'm low.

It's a conundrum I can't solve at the moment...because I'm low.

Maybe tomorrow I'll find the answer. Or at least write a decent post.

I'm off to eat some more. Sigh. I'm tired of eating, I really am. Isn't that sad?

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