Friday, November 9, 2007

Happy D-blog day.

Today I was going to write a deep, meaningful post about how diabetes affects my life, and how excited I am to have made contact with some really great online diabetics, and how happy I am to finally feel that sense of community. But then two things happened:

1. Kerri beat me to it.

2. I had an absolutely horrific day today. My son didn't sleep well for the third night in a row, and woke up about 2-2.5 hours early. I was supposed to leave the house for work at 7:30, but didn't leave until 7:45. And then I realized I was almost out of gas. James felt wretched all day, I had back-to-back working engagements, there was no napping or resting happening. I had a horrible headache. Then I realized that, in the morning rush, I had forgotten to take my Lantus. My blood sugar was 300. MY BLOOD SUGAR IS NEVER 300!

Then, after a reactionary low that was entirely my fault, I put James to bed over an hour early and fell asleep with him. Almost didn't make my daily post on my other blog. So sorry, it just isn't going to get very deep today. Just more complaining about how bad I've got it...followed by the realization of how good I really have it.

Every day that I wake up? That's a good day. And one bad day of stress and blood sugar ups and downs? I've dealt with it before, I'll do it again. Hopefully, this time, with a little help from my new friends.

And I'm too tired to figure out how to put up the little logo from Gina's diabetes talkfest blog where she started D-blog day...but here is the link-back.


Bernard said...


Sorry you had a rotten day. If you get a high like 300 try out the super bolus, it works well for me when I'm trying to get a high like that down a little more quickly.

Of course you still have to watch for the reactionary lows. It's not for everyone.

Thanks for comment on my blog and I'll look for you on TuDiabetes!

Jeff said...

Hi Susana! Welcome, and I look forward to stopping by every day to see what's cookin' in your corner of the blogosphere.

gina said...

Happy belated d-blog day!


George said...

oh SUSANA!!!!

I am sure you have received that joke (I was singing) forever just like I get the George of the jungle thing.

Glad you found me and now I will add you to my blogroll too! I will check in also. I love to meet more D-bloggers!