Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Today I read Bernard's blog about some books he's been reading about blogging, and it made me think of how I'd like to improve my own writing. I've been thinking lately that I wanted to share with you how bad I feel my writing has been on this blog so far, and how sorry I am for that.

I promise I'll get better. Especially if I can get some sleep. Because my biggest impediment to clear, concise, thoughtful writing on this blog has been the lack of sleep I have suffered from since my son was born. It robs me of almost all my abilities to have a comprehensible thought.

Also, I find that as a mom, I am always going through the day and thinking up some great post, but by the time I get to the computer, it is completely and totally gone from my mind. And by that time, it is late and I am tired. The result is the crappier-than-I-want posts that have been happening here. How do other people maintain such great writing when they are feeling as physically sub-par as I feel these days?

And then there's the fact that I've never written about my diabetes before. It's hard for me to know how to write about it and about the other facets of my life. I am doing all right on the other facets, but how to integrate them? I seem to be either writing posts that leave the rest out, focusing only on my diabetes, or I double-post here and on my other blog.

Hm. Food for thought. It's probably bad form to criticize and analyze my obstacles to writing on my blog, but hey, it's late and I'm tired. ;)

I'm gonna go get those books Bernard was reading and see what comes of it. Stay tuned for my daily attempts at improvement in both writing and diabetes management!


Donna said...

Hi Susana,
Don't be so hard on yourself. I love reading your posts. Plus I didn't even realize you were writing on another blog, too. Wow! I can hardly keep up with one blog and I don't have baby to take care of. Being a mom with diabetes is tough & it's easy to second-guess yourself. But don't do that. You're doing a great job. Good luck on getting some rest!

Susana la Banana said...

Thanks, Donna. I really appreciate your comments. And if you want to read my other blog, I edited this post to include the link, but you can also find it on my links. It's called James and the Giant Moose, and I've been doing that one since we moved to NC a little over a year ago.
Thanks again for the encouragement. I enjoy reading your blog too. Have a great day!