Monday, April 14, 2008

I raised my voice, and it turned out that today it was whiny.

It's 10:45 p.m.

James just fell asleep 10 minutes ago.

He threw up before that, because he's extremely congested, which is why he couldn't fall asleep, and then he got upset because we had the audacity to try to squeege his nose.

(You know...that little blue thing? The bulb syringe? When we use it, we call it "squeeging." I don't know if there's a more proper technical term, but feel free to use mine if you'd like to.)

I also feel quite sick to my stomach.

Therefore, there will be no meaningful post on diabetes today like I planned. I'm bummed because it's already half-written and I was excited to get to participate in something like this, to really feel like a part of the diabetes online community (the OC for those in the know), and yet my life manages to intervene again.

Sorry folks. The Big D is a part of my life every single day, and some days are harder than others. I'll be posting more about raising my voice for diabetes awareness long as we're not all sick as dogs. We'll see.

Good night!


Colleen said...

We called it the "snot remover." Not a fun thing to use on a child.
Hope you both feel better soon.

Ana and Emery's Mama said...

Feel better soon. Tell James that Ana hates the "booger sucker" as much as he does. Your term is a little more eloquent, perhaps I shall adopt it.

Donna said...

We called it the snot sucker. But whatever you call it, it's gross, isn't it? Hope everybody is better quickly.