Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Someone help me!

I've been busy entering the giveaways in the newest edition of the Bloggy Giveaway Carnival, and during this endeavor I came upon a couple of contests involving books. And I just kept seeing recommendations for interesting books, so I went on over to my Goodreads page and now I Can't. Stop. Adding. Books to read!

At this rate, I won't be done with my current to-read list for another decade or so, and by then, I'll have 50 more years of books on the list! =)

Hey, anyone have any good books they want to recommend? I'm always looking...


Ronnica said...

That's cool that your husband went to OU too. The best do! I even was a meteorology major for my first year.

Ronnica said...

Ok, so I had only read your first comment before I came here to comment. So now I know YOU went to OU as well, graduated the same year I did, and moved to the same city. I think you must be my evil twin! (or maybe I'm yours?) Nice to meet you!