Thursday, April 24, 2008

In Which I Reveal the Complex and Myriad Ways I Waste My Time

I got nothing for ya today, really. I'm just too darn tired. Although, I have to say, T-Tapp is still kickin' my bum and I'm still lovin' it. I'm really wondering if I got a secret back transplant in the middle of the night or something...aches and pains are VERY MINIMAL these last 5 days. Amazing!

Anyway. So, now to the promising title of this post. There are a great many wonderful blogs on the internets that I truly love and I wait anxiously for their owners to post new material and when they do I squeal girlishly with joy. But also, there are quite a few fun websites I enjoy that are not just your typical blog-type thing. (I'm so descriptive.)

For example...

I've recently discovered Slow Wave, a collection of comics based on readers' submitted dreams. Brilliant! So far, my favorite is this one.

I've been spending a lot of time lately searching out fabulous e-cards to send to my friend Amber (hi Amber!). The fabulous website has me in stitches. They soooo have my sense of humor. Like this one. Or this one. Or this one. Or especially this one. Also this one. And I can't forget this. This. And this. And this Latin moment for my mom.

Okay, I'll stop now. Well, not really, but I'll stop here. In real life, I'll continue to look up more hilarious cards and laugh to myself about them and try to figure out who I can send them to without offending them. ;)

I've also started exploring the BBC Science and Nature website with these fun surveys and psychology tests. Great way to waste time! And you can say it's educational, too.

There's the famous (or infamous?) Postsecret, where people make postcard art confessing secrets that range from funny and light to serious and life-changing.

The English freak in me really loves The "Blog" of "Unnecessary" Quotation Marks. It also makes me think of my mother for some reason. =)

And, so classic. Hours and hours of my time have been spent on that site. And it was so worth it.

And then, of course, I've been spending quite a bit of time lately browsing GoodReads and adding to my collection of books I can't wait to read. I don't really spend much time adding books I've already read, but there's always that option too. Wow, that might take me a looooooong time...

That's it for today. Sorry for being a bit flaky. It might be that whole "3 of the last 4 nights I haven't slept" thing. Eh.

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