Saturday, April 12, 2008

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Well, CRAP.

Today at about noon I was sitting in the kitchen, peacefully and happily eating my sweet potato covered in Just Veggies (yum!), when it suddenly occurred to me that I didn't post yesterday.


So yes, Megan, the BloPoMo gods have expressed their displeasure. But luckily for me, one of them happens to be a Type I diabetic who has recently given birth, so she sort of understands where I'm coming from.

Okay, I made that up. But you know what? For some reason, I just don't mind as much that I missed a day posting here as I would've if I'd skipped a day back in November on James and the Giant Moose.

Probably has something to do with that whole accountability thing, since I didn't actually sign up to blog all month this time around. Well, that and the prizes. Since I didn't lose any chances at a prize, how can I really be that upset?

Never fear. I WILL be back tomorrow for another post. I won't post again here tonight because I have two book reviews I have to do first!

Sweet dreams~

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