Thursday, April 3, 2008

Two bads and a good

Today my blood sugars were crazy. Woke up low, at 54. An HOUR later? 290. An hour and a half after that? 42. (And no, I did not do a crazy over-correct to get that second low. I took THREE UNITS. What was I supposed to do? Leave it at 290? Not bloody likely!)

Anyway. I think this can be directly traced to two factors. The first is my breakfast. I always, always eat a bowl of oatmeal in the morning, and because the last few days have been so rough, we are pretty much out of normal food, so I ate some dry cereal instead. MISTAKE. This is why diabetics are often not very excited about eating new foods--because we have no idea how they'll affect our blood sugars, and sometimes it can be really tough to get a handle on the right dose for a new meal.

The second factor is the hormone factor. I forgot how much my blood sugar tends to fluctuate when it's about that time of the month. Just another way that diabetes affects things that non-PWDs probably never think about, and that I have to re-adjust myself to constantly.

Luckily...I married the right man. Ben came home early today and let me take a nap from about 3:30 to 5:30. And even though my blood sugar was a little bit high when I woke up...I still feel SO MUCH BETTER.

But now he's back at work to make up for coming home early. And I miss him. I have the best husband in the world!

So today was a good day. And now I'm going to talk to my sister on the phone and then go to bed...a good night. =)


Colleen said...

Ben is obviously a great guy - good for both of you for working together!

Donna said...

That Ben is a great guy! How nice of him!

Women with Diabetes have so much more to contend with than non-diabetic women. It's a constant struggle. But we get through it. I think it just shows how strong we really are.

Hope you don't have anymore of those way up, way down, way up blood sugar cycles. Yikes! I hate those. They literally make my head swim. Good luck!