Tuesday, April 15, 2008

My life, a constant state of delay.

Well. I didn't blog for Type I diabetes awareness yesterday, and it looks like I'm not going to get to do anything exciting and profound here today either. This just fits into the general pattern of my life, which is that anything not entirely essential to the life and well-being of myself and my family often goes undone for days, weeks, months. I just don't really have it together. This has been hard on me, but I can catch glimpses of what my life will be like once I get to catch up a little bit on my sleep, should that day ever come.

I sincerely hope that day will come soon. Until it does, however, I just can't be a reliable blogger, because I can't even manage to do all the dishes at night or remember to pay all my bills on time. James was fairly fussy today because he was sick, and that pretty much takes it all out of me. So, sorry, no amazing insight to be had here today. Hopefully I'll be back tomorrow. I have lots of ideas for posts, if I can ever get around to writing and then publishing them!

I did, however, finish the Raise Your Voice post that I started the other day, and then posted it over on James and the Giant Moose. I figure this maximizes the reach of my personal Type I awareness campaign, because so many people read that one who are NOT diabetic and who DON'T read this one. So please, go read it and pretend I posted it here, okay?

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