Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Last of the Month

Seriously? I forgot to post yesterday? Holy Geez. Where did that day even go? I sure don't remember.


Things I Have Learned About Myself This April:

1. Blogging every day about my diabetes is like pulling teeth.

2. I have a lot of leftover feelings about a lot of things that I sort of just shoved away in a box underneath the bed.

3. Now is the time to deal with them because they are making me feel like crap.

4. Like how I don't like to talk about my diabetes. 

5. I'm a very self-aware person but somehow I've managed to avoid looking at this disease that is such a huge part of my life.

6. I LOVE T-Tapp. My back is feeling about a million times better today than it did a month ago. This morning I actually had a really sore shoulder (probably from how much I had to carry Tyler on my back yesterday), but while I was doing the workout, I actually felt it begin to un-knot and, for lack of a better way to explain it, get fixed. This is so empowering!

7. I really do put myself dead last a lot of the time, just like the stereotypical Mom. I've been wearing broken glasses for over a year now. It is time to get new ones.

8.  I love reading other people's blogs, no matter what they're about, but I always feel like this blog is too boring to read. Thanks, though, for sharing whatever it is you've shared on your blog. Being able to read others' writings is key for me in feeling connected with the outside world while caring for two children under the age of two.

9. Speaking of which...I CAN'T FUNCTION WITHOUT THE INTERNET. Our regular 'puter recently died and I am now limited to using the internet sometime between when Ben comes home from work and when I go to bed--you know, during dinner, bath, bedtime, etc...not a lot of chances there. And it seems like I can't get anything done when I get to the computer because by the time I do, I'm just ready for bed, and not exactly a fountain of wisdom or energy and motivation.

10.  My list of books to read is never going to get any smaller.

11. I miss being able to watch Conan O'Brien.

12. Did I mention that I'm too tired at the end of the day to say anything coherent? Sorry.

13. I'm amazed and thankful that you stuck around during this month. Thanks so much. Now, hopefully I will resume posting when I actually have something to say, although I will try to post more frequently than I have in the past. But first I'm heading over to James and the Giant Moose to catch up on my posting up there.


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Donna said...

Sorry, Susana. I've been on blogging hiatus for a few days & now I'm playing catch-up. It can get very difficult to come up with something to say everyday. That's a big challenge. But you've done a great job!

I used to write something every weekday & then take the weekends off. But I got a little lazy & slacked off this past week. Even though I was busy with other things during that time, I found myself missing my cyber-friends. So I had to get back into it. I'll try to stop by more regularly.

Hope you have a nice weekend!

Anonymous said...

Wow, if you can learn this much in just one month, just think how wise you will be in a year or two...:)
Your struggle to deal with your diabetes breaks my heart. You are so brave about everything you have had to deal with. I'm proud to be your mama for so many reasons.
Hey, I think you have sold me on the T-Tapp! Your testimonials are compelling. Will they give you a bonus for referrals? Seriously, which part of the program did you purchase? Did you buy it online? It seems expensive for a video.
Keep up the good work; you're worth it!
Love you,